A Practicum Way of Life

Greetings all. My name is Khalil Dixon. I am from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and I major in both public relations and communication studies (applied concentration). I also minor in marketing. I am excited to spend Fall semester 2012 helping the School of Communications studies as a practicum student.

I seek out opportunities to strengthen my public speaking and communication skills. I have a variety of experiences providing scripted speeches to large audiences with prominent individuals from the community present. I have presented independent research during the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute the past few years. In addition, I was an emcee for several Kent State events including the Robert G. McGruder Diversity in Media Distinguished Leadership Award Luncheon, the 2012 M. L. King Jr. Day Celebration and the Oscar Ritchie Scholarship Guild Awards.  

For several semesters, I helped design, produce and execute live and taped broadcasts as a floor director or an assistant producer for TV2. Also, I worked on the news team for Black Squirrel Radio and provided content for the Daily Kent Stater. I am a member of Kappa Tau Alpha (Journalism & Mass Comm.) and Alpha Kappa Mu academic fraternities.

I look forward to enhancing my knowledge and communication skills as a practicum student for the School of Communication Studies this fall.


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