Practical Thinking!

Helloooo Comm Studies students! My name is Michelle Griffin and I am a senior applied communication studies major. I will be spending this fall semester working here in the school of communication studies as a marketing and public relations intern for my practicum. Now, just because I am a senior does not mean I started in Comm studies four years ago and checked off classes on my college road map one by one each semester…actually, it’s the exact opposite. To be completely honest, I am not sure if I ever knew what I wanted to do with my life because I kind of want to do EVERYTHING! So, knowing communication was my strongest asset (and something I definitely want in a future career no cubicles for this girl) I entered into the school of journalism and communication…Wrong! Management? Wrong! Nothing seemed to be the right fit for me. I could do everything that was expected and required, but I never felt accomplished or satisfied with anything I was doing. And when I had pretty much given up and thought about taking some time off of school, I scheduled one final advising appointment that changed my life forever. First off, the adviser I was supposed to meet with was out sick that day (I thought it was definitely a sign that I should take a few years off), but a grad student agreed to see me for a few minutes. The student (whose name I don’t even know, but I send positive vibrations out to everyday) showed me how to run my KAPS. My KAPS! Something I had seen on Flashline everyday for four years and never even knew what it was. Well I ran it, talked to the sweet grad student, and she sent an email to Lorie Hopp, suggesting that Comm Studies might be a good route for me…the following semester I was a declared Applied Comm Major-  loving absolutely every aspect this school has to offer. Now, I am deeply involved in all of my courses, earning the highest grades of my academic career, and looking forward to the many opportunities that can follow from this academic path.

SO, if you ever question your major, potential careers, or what the heck you are supposed to do with your life, here are resources that 100% saved my life:

1. Schedule an advising appointment. I’m telling you – Lorie & Rozell should get a Life Saver Award

2. Contact professors! Whether you have them as a teacher or not, they are here to help!

3. Do your research! There are 6 different concentrations in the school so you can fine tune your degree!

4. Check out the Comm Studies newsletter! The monthly newsletter includes information about what Comm Studies students are doing around campus and the community, as well as what events are being held and worked on!                                                                                         


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