Interning with the School of Communication Studies

10 Sep

I’m so glad and lucky to be interning with PR and marketing at the School of Communications for this semester! I feel like I will be doing a lot of what I love and gain great experience for the workforce. As I think about this awesome opportunity, it brings me back to what got me here.  When I was a freshman, I was an Exploratory major for a semester, then an English major, and finally switched to Applied Communication with minors in Marketing and Media Literacy. Even though I was slightly weary about this major at first, I am now confident that I definitely chose the right major. I love all of the opportunities that are open for me, such as this internship and the Marketing and Communications internship that I had at YWCA Greater Cleveland over the summer. I have found out that I love social media marketing, designing, and writing articles and blogs.  I would not be here if it weren’t for the advice and encouragement from my family, friends, professors, and role models. They helped me figure out what it was that I loved to do, when I didn’t think I would ever know.

But as I think about this internship and the fact that I only have two semesters of undergrad left, I really can’t believe it! Michael Altshuler, author of PCR Troubleshooting: The Essential Guide, once said, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Where does time go? It seems to just fly by no matter what you’re doing. Wait, I’m a senior in college? What? I feel like I was just moving into my dorm in Eastway as a freshman a few weeks ago! Now I’m getting ready to graduate college and move on to -gasp- the real world! But I am considering grad school for now, so I guess we will just have to see where life takes me! I think that this internship will help me to find out what I really love to do and help me to develop skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading,

Shannon French

Interning for the School of Communications

2 Sep

What’s the first thought that pops into your head when your hear someone say they are an Applied Communications major? I really hope you don’t think that all “Comm Majors” just learn how to communicate between each other because it’s way beyond just communicating. You learn how to communicate interpersonally, organizationally, in small groups and teams, professionally, publically, and more. Not only that, you also learn how to write for the media and you can even learn some visual design tips! There is so much you can do with having a major in Communication Studies, the list is literally endless! When I first joined the School of Communications, they handed me this piece of paper that had at least over 200 jobs you can get with a degree in communications. It blew my mind because I was totally clueless about the major until my advisor told me about it and when I took Foundations of Communications – that class really changed my perspective on what I wanted to do. I found out that I really loved marketing and public relations through the classes I was taking. THEN I found out the School of Communications offered an internship in Marketing and Public relations. I was elated and I applied for the position immediately and when I found out I finally got the internship, I was even more excited about the opportunity. Who knew that being an applied communications major could lead to a career in PR & Marketing? I didn’t know that at first and now I’ve gotten two internships in PR & Marketing in my college career, which leads to wonderful experience before graduation.

My first week as a PR & Marketing intern was quite overwhelming at first because I was really nervous, I didn’t want to make any mistakes. I mean, I am going to be writing news stores, press releases, blogs, etc. for the School of Communications and everyone including faculty, students, and my family, maybe even potential employers, will be reading my work. But after writing my first biography, news story, and blog for my practicum, I was really excited because I am doing what I absolutely love. After talking to Khalil Dixon (PR & Marketing Specialist) and he explained to me what my practicum will consist of, I was even more motivated, excited, and comfortable to be doing the practicum. He told me I will be updating the Kent State Communications website, writing news stories, press releases, and blogs, and conducting interviews with students and faculty. Being an applied communications major, I took classes to learn how to do these things so I had an insight on what to do. I also had a PR & communications internship this past summer for Downtown Akron Partnership and I did a lot of writing and interviews for their organization, so having a little bit of experience can go a long way.

I am so proud to be an Applied Communications major because I have the skill set to do what I love to do, and that’s PR & Marketing. I’m really happy that I get to market and publicize the School of Communications – including the faculty and students. The School of Communications has some really talented and intelligent people here and this semester, I will be telling you all about their achievements and accomplishments. I am truly thankful that I got this opportunity and I look forward to my final semester at Kent State University being a PR & Marketing intern.

-Hillary Walker

The End is Near…

7 Aug

Dylan Bolino (School of Communication Studies PR and marketing practicum intern)

As my practicum experience winds down and my August 16th graduation date approaches, I am beginning to feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  I now have valuable experience working within the public relations and marketing realm and a number of published writing samples to pad my portfolio. I am more comfortable in a professional environment and feel like I am much more adequately prepared to begin a career than I was only a few months ago. I can now communicate more confidently, work efficiently and fulfill the expectations of my superiors. At first, I was nervous about meeting deadlines and rushed through a few tasks with subpar results. Now, I understand I must emphasize quality over quantity and work at a steady, yet productive pace. Overall, this has been an enlightening internship, and the skills I have acquired should translate nicely when I begin my professional career.

Are you experienced?

28 Jul

By Dylan Bolino (School of Communication Studies PR and Marketing practicum intern)

I’ve now crossed the halfway point of my practicum which has proven to be a valuable learning experience. Since my primary interest is journalism and writing, this has been the focus of my internship. I was instructed to interview a professor and alumnus from the School of Communication Studies and construct an article to feature in our newsletter and on our website. While initially apprehensive, I knew I would need valuable interview skills and dove in head first. As a communication graduate, my subject was understanding and supportive and provided a great first professional interview experience. This experience translated quickly, allowing me to comfortably interview my next subject, a new professor at the School, Michael Beam. Once completed, these articles will be published, providing me with quality examples of my work to be featured in my portfolio.

Finding my comfort zone

9 Jul

By Dylan Bolino (School of Communication Studies PR and marketing practicum intern)

I’m currently in the fourth week of my practicum, and I feel it’s safe to say I’ve officially settled in. Although it’s summer and the campus is rather empty, I’ve been occupied with a number of tasks that have kept me busy. During this time, I have realized the subjective nature of my work and the freedom of expression my position allows. While adhering to AP style guidelines, I have been allowed plenty of room to produce materials while operating from my own unique aesthetic perspective.

While working on a flyer for the annual Coperthwaite Visiting Scholar, my supervisor assured me that there is no “right” way to complete the assignment as long as the final product is comprehensive and professional. This leeway provided a relief of pressure to create an exact replica of previous works and allowed me to explore my own ideas about how the flyer should look. This realization and some positive reinforcement and comments on my work have boosted my confidence and reduced my overall level of anxiety allowing me to work efficiently at a comfortable rate.

Settling In…

20 Jun

By Dylan Bolino (School of Communication Studies PR and marketing practicum intern)

I am currently in the second week of my PR and marketing practicum in the School of Communication Studies at Kent State University and have some observations on the experience that incoming interns may find helpful.

After some initial trepidation, I dove in head first and began work on my required tasks. The faculty and staff were excellent in guiding me, and in no time, I settled into my new role. They were helpful and understanding and eased me into the experience, and I felt welcomed and respected.

From the start, I was anxious about my relative inexperience and the potential to make mistakes, but soon realized my work will routinely be analyzed and adjusted by my supervisors before any final decisions are made. I was also relieved once I became accustomed to the speed at which I am expected to work, which is much more casual than I expected.

With each passing day, I become more comfortable in my position, as many of the fears I originally had subside. I look forward to continuing onward with this learning experience as I prepare for graduation this August and will update this blog occasionally throughout the summer.

My practical practicum is a very enjoyable experience…

16 Apr

My practical practicum is a very enjoyable experience…

By Mary Rogers
School of Communication Studies Marketing and PR Practicum Student

It’s April 9, 2014 and my internship is winding down. Thus far, I’ve had the opportunity to market the School of Communication Studies, its staff, faculty and students. Everyone is involved and interconnected. For every Daily Kent Stater (DKS) I read, there is at least one person from communication studies being mentioned. I think this is pretty impressive considering the fact that the DKS is only 6 pages long and covers a campus of 30,000 students.

Moving along, today is a very important day for the School of Communication Studies. Many of its students will either be inducted into the Lambda Pi Eta Honors Society or will be receiving a scholarship award during the induction ceremony. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with many of these individuals and getting to know them on an interpersonal level. As a result, many students stop by my office to share a story or simply say hello. Moreover, I enjoy writing stories about this school and its students and in turn I gain experience in my major, communication studies. I am treated as an equal amongst the staff and respected by the students who are also my peers. Furthermore, after being unsure of myself for so long, I received a great evaluation from my supervisor. All in all, my practicum within the School of Communication Studies has been a very enjoyable experience.


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