Popular Question among Kent State Students: What Can You Do with a Communications Degree?

30 Sep

As I was sitting in class today, I heard another student say that they don’t know what to do with their major in Applied communications and they are quite confused. Which leads me to writing this blog post because it’s very important that ALL communication majors should know what to do with their major before they graduate.

What to do with a Communications degreeSo my question is, what can you NOT do with a communications degree? In Communication studies, learn you how to do so much within the school itself. You can take VCD, JMC, and COMM classes to get the full experience. That’s basically combining three schools into one major. So if you really think about it, you can do SO much with a communications degree. Communication Studies majors is one of the top most wanted degrees that employers are looking for. Mainly because in Communications, you learn how to write and do speeches professionally, you learn how to work and collaborate in groups and teams, and you learn how to communicate effectively between people and in the work environment. Communication is important in the world today especially within the work place. You need to know how to communicate with your friends, family, and employees to get by on a day to day basis. You not only need to learn how to communicate between people, but you also need to learn how to understand people as well.

So let me ask you again, what can you do with a Communications Degree? Well what do you want to do? If you like Marketing, then go ahead and take some marketing classes, look for a marketing internship to gain experience, and then when you graduate, or even before, you can start looking for jobs within Marketing. Say if you want to be in Advertising, or Human Resources, or a Teacher, you can take specific classes within the three schools to learn that specific skill set. Communication studies also have six concentrations, including, Health, Organizational, Public, Interpersonal, Global, and Applied Communication. Within those concentrations, think of how long the list goes on and on with all the jobs you can do! If you want to work in a hospital or in Public Health, be a Health Concentration. If you want to be in Human Resources, you should choose Organizational Concentration and if you want to be a teacher, you can choose an Interpersonal Concentration. I could keep going and going, explaining to you all the different potential jobs that you could get with a Communications major.

The only thing you need to do when you’re in an interview for your “Dream job” is think of how you will stick out from the rest. You’re in an interview for a Marketing Assistant position and there is a person there that is competing with you and he/she is a Marketing major but your a Communications major, make yourself stand out, have confidence in yourself! You’ve taken classes on interviewing, marketing, organizational communication so you have just as much experience, if not more, as the other person. But being a communication major, you learn how to communicate and how to do it WELL! So you should know how to ACE the interview and get that Dream Job you worked so hard for!

So stop sitting around and wasting your time wondering what you’re going to do with your major because like I said, the job list goes on and on and it’s what YOU want to do and YOU have to have the communication skills and the confidence! So go out and get your dream job, you Communications Major!

A Little Bit of Reflection

23 Sep

I have really enjoyed my time so far at this internship! I’ve especially enjoyed the real world experience of learning how to write news stories, conduct professional interviews, and manage pages on social media. Although there is much to learn in a classroom setting, I feel that experience in the field is priceless. But as I think back to my time at Kent State the past three years, I realize that I have learned so much in my classes, my activities, and especially from the “college experience.” And with this being my last year of undergrad, I would like to take a little time to reflect upon my time here at Kent…

My college years have by far been some of the best years of my life. I have learned to lead, to not fear failure, to be myself, to be open to change, to be open-minded, to persevere, and, most importantly, to laugh and be happy at every possible moment. During my sophomore year, I chose a major that I love and fits me well. Being a member of band and Kappa Kappa Psi (a national band service fraternity) has also shaped who I am today and has been a main reason why I have had such a great college experience. If I could give any advice to incoming college students, I would say to grab any opportunity that comes your way, even if it seems like the scariest thing in the world at the time. Make connections, get involved, and join clubs just for the sake of joining. My college career would have been very different if I had not been involved on campus. If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed in the past few years, it’s that the things that seem the scariest and most intimidating are the most worthwhile and life-changing. Can’t wait to see what exciting opportunities present themselves to me during my last year as an undergrad at Kent State!

Thanks for reading,


KCS first Social

19 Sep

At 10:30 this morning, KCS had their first social which consisted of re-doing the bulletin board in Taylor Hall. The theme of the bulletin board is fall, since it is the beginning of the fall semester. Only a few people showed up but that didn’t stop the group from having fun and getting creative! 1socialSocials are a great way to come out and make some new friends. It only took the group about an hour and a half to complete the bulletin board and they plan on adding something new every month. Check the bulletin board for new updates and events coming up this September!2social

KCS next meeting is on Wednesday, September 24th at 5 p.m. in Taylor Hall room 146. You don’t want to miss out on the free pizza and pop! Also, don’t forget to pay your dues.

Kent Communication Society

18 Sep

Need to meet some new people? Want to get more involved on campus? Come and join KCS (Kent Communication Society) And no, you don’t have to be a Communications major to join!

This semester is going to be a fun semester! KCS is planning on a lot of activities to do and many ways to get involved in the Kent Community.

This semester, we have new officers that lead the student-run organization.
Kara Curry – President
Abby Yackley – Vice President
Joanna Lees – Secretary
Evan Branzel – Treasurer
Ashley Cowles – PR and Advertising
Hanna Richards – Social Media

KCS meets every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in Taylor Hall room 146.
Every week there is free pizza and pop for all those who join in at the meeting!

KCS is currently working on creating committee’s for students to participate in activities on and off campus. There will be a homecoming, social, community service, fundraising, and PR & Advertising committees. Students will be able to pick the committee they want to join on Wednesday, September 24th.

There is a $5 fee to join KCS for the semester or you can pay $10 for the whole year. The fee is due on October 15th. Contact Evan Branzel, the treasurer, to pay your dues at ebranzel@kent.edu

KCS first social is this Friday, September 19th at 10:30 a.m in Taylor Hall computer lab to work on the bulletin board. Come and join KCS decorate and communicate!

**Next meeting, come prepared to pick the committee you would like to join, come with idea’s for homecoming and socials, and don’t forget to pay your dues!!

My experience interviewing a Kent State Alumni

18 Sep

A couple days ago, I got a chance to interview Katie Ramunni, a Kent State alumni that graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. It was truly an honor to interview someone so young that has accomplished so many things in her lifetime. I mean, she’s only been graduated from Kent State for six years and she’s already won an award for her hard work.

I learned so much about Katie during our 45 minute interview. She is truly a wonderful and accomplished woman. She is so excited that she won the “Outstanding Young Professional award,” she even started bawling over the phone! I felt like we connected on so many levels because she started out at Kent State as a marketing major in 2004. She had a struggle at first with being a marketing major but then she discovered how much she loved Communication Studies when she took Human Communication. She found her love with persuasion and rhetoric when she was exploring different majors. When she switched her major to Communication Studies, she started doing better in school and she started getting more involved on campus because she was doing what she loved. When she told me that, I was astounded because I started off as an Advertising major and it was so hard for me too and but once my advisor introduced me to Communication Studies, I fell in love with the major.

During our conversation on the phone, she kept telling me how much she really values communication and how important it is in our society. Katie said, “The root of all conflict is lack of understanding and seeing two parties is the only way to peace.” I believe that this quote is so important and I am so glad that Katie said this because it is 100% true. It’s also what you learn in communication studies, is having an understanding and how important communication is between people. The one thing Katie and I have in common is that we both really value communication.

She currently works in Cleveland, Ohio, as a marketing assistant at Cogswell Hall, a non-profit organization. Katie helps people that have low income and disabilities find housing. She is really passionate about her work and she wants to eliminate poverty in her community.

Working at a non-profit organization is a lot of responsibility because of the challenges that people in this society face is more prevalent in the public eye. “For me, I wake up every day and go to work to persuade people to make room in their lives to help others as a volunteer, a donor, or as an advocate.” Katie says. Which is why communication is so important to her because she uses it every day at her job to get people to help out in the community.

My interview with Katie went really well, I learned so much about her and she even gave me great advice about how to use communication and how communication is even more important after you graduate. Communication is something everyone should value because it’s the baseline of how people act, think, and learn. I graduate in December of 2014 which is literally right around the corner. I’ve been stressing out about what I am going to do and where I am going to go but when I look at people like Katie and see how accomplished they are, it pushes me to be better at what I want do. It also gives me a positive outlook on life after graduation and one day, hopefully, I will win an award like Katie Ramunni has.

School of Communication Studies Welcomes New Fall Interns

17 Sep

By: Hillary Walker and Shannon French (Public Relations and Marketing Interns)

Hillary Walker

Hillary Walker

Shannon French

Shannon French








The School of Communications Studies introduced two new Public Relations and Marketing interns for the fall of 2014. Hillary Walker and Shannon French are seniors in Applied Communication Studies working towards Bachelor of Arts degrees from Kent State University.

Walker and French’s duties include writing news stories, press releases, and blogs about the faculty and the students’ achievements and accomplishments. They will assist with other projects for the School of Communication Studies, including updating the school’s website and working on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the school. They will also assist with preparations for Homecoming for experience in special events planning.

Walker describes herself as a small town girl from New Philadelphia, Ohio. “Many have never heard of the small town pretty much in the middle of Amish country,” Walker said. She will graduate this December with a major in Applied Communication and a minor in Organizational Communication. She also is a member of Kent Communications Society (KCS) and assists David Trebing, Ph.D., of the School of Communication Studies faculty with freshman recruitment.

In her spare time, Walker enjoys reading, cooking, listening to music, meeting new people and exploring new places.

French is from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and is graduating in the spring of 2015 with a major in Applied Communications and minors in Marketing and Media Literacy. She was also honored with a scholarship last semester, the Michael Dubetz Endowed Scholarship in Rhetoric and Communication.

“I am pretty involved on campus,” French said. “I work at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, and I am a member of the Marching Golden Flashes, Flasherbrass, Kappa Kappa Psi and SPICE. I also enjoy participating in Super Service Saturdays.”

French enjoys swimming, listening to music, playing the trumpet, reading and playing Euchre.

Both new interns are very excited about working with the School of Communication Studies. “This is a wonderful opportunity for both of us,” Walker said. “We are learning all kinds of communications, writing, and organizational skills that will strengthen our resumes and portfolios as well as prepare us for job interviews.”

Interning with the School of Communication Studies

10 Sep

I’m so glad and lucky to be interning with PR and marketing at the School of Communications for this semester! I feel like I will be doing a lot of what I love and gain great experience for the workforce. As I think about this awesome opportunity, it brings me back to what got me here.  When I was a freshman, I was an Exploratory major for a semester, then an English major, and finally switched to Applied Communication with minors in Marketing and Media Literacy. Even though I was slightly weary about this major at first, I am now confident that I definitely chose the right major. I love all of the opportunities that are open for me, such as this internship and the Marketing and Communications internship that I had at YWCA Greater Cleveland over the summer. I have found out that I love social media marketing, designing, and writing articles and blogs.  I would not be here if it weren’t for the advice and encouragement from my family, friends, professors, and role models. They helped me figure out what it was that I loved to do, when I didn’t think I would ever know.

But as I think about this internship and the fact that I only have two semesters of undergrad left, I really can’t believe it! Michael Altshuler, author of PCR Troubleshooting: The Essential Guide, once said, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Where does time go? It seems to just fly by no matter what you’re doing. Wait, I’m a senior in college? What? I feel like I was just moving into my dorm in Eastway as a freshman a few weeks ago! Now I’m getting ready to graduate college and move on to -gasp- the real world! But I am considering grad school for now, so I guess we will just have to see where life takes me! I think that this internship will help me to find out what I really love to do and help me to develop skills that I will use for the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading,

Shannon French


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